Window tinting can be one of the simplest, most cost-effective, and out beneficial vehicle accessories available on the aftermarket. With relatively low installation costs, long lifespan, accompanied with the transformative benefits window tinting can give your vehicle ownership experience, it is a compelling option for many vehicle owners. Regardless of if you are still using a trusty used car, or a fresh-off-the-lot brand new vehicle, window tinting can be a critical step to your vehicle ownership experience. This being said, many people are under the face impression that window tint comes in only one variety, and with a limited range of options – and this is simply not the case.

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The truth is that window tinting film and application technologies have progressed in leaps and bounds in recent years, with innovation continuing on a daily basis. This has resulted in an expansion of choice for consumers, along with a reduction in overall costs.


Two of the biggest priorities for any vehicle owner is keeping the occupants safe, along with protecting the vehicle itself. Often ignored, sunlight can be a major hazard, even though it is presented as a constant threat to your safety along with that of your car. Overexposure to sunlight can be overwhelming, and the glare from other vehicles and road surfaces can distract or even impair the driver’s visibility. This issue can be partially solved by certain window tinting films, which not only protect from environmental glare and exposure, but also from extremely harmful UV rays. An example of the dangers UV rays can have is shown in the fact that in North America, most skin cancers of the face occur on the left side of the body, and this has been attributed to the fact that it is the side of the body that is exposed to occupants in the driver’s seat.


The rapid expansion of window tinting film options is a distinct advantage to modern drivers looking to install window tint on their vehicles, as it allows you to get the exact combination of features that you want. However, this plethora of choices can confuse some consumers, and discourage them from pursuing this vehicle customization. If you like the sleek look of dark window tint and are on a budget, we recommend a product such as Autobahn Black as an ideal tinting film, as dyed films can give a deep and dark appearance while remaining budget friendly. If you are looking for a high-performing tint however, we recommend looking at products such as Autobahn Air Ceramic, Autobahn Black Ceramic, or the Ceramic i3 tinting film. The heat rejecting and UV protecting properties of these films, along with their high quality protection and application behaviour provides a compelling combination of features for any car owner.

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