Home is a place we go to for comfort and solace. For this reason, it is vital to have a secure home. Feeling safe is significant in having a happy family and enhances your relaxation. This is why we take certain security measures

Windows play a big part in the safety of your home. Currently, most buglers get into our homes through the windows, which only makes it easier for them when the windows are weak and fragile.

See-through windows are often a recipe for disaster, especially in a high-crime area, because thieves can see what they need to steal from your home and probably break the same windows trying to get in.

Here at 604 Window Tint, we focus on window tints as a solution to improving the security of your home. Our residential window tints are top-notch and have great utility.


Not only can someone not see-through, but our tints enhance your windows’ strength, safeguarding them from smashing in case of a robbery.We offer you the best window films in the market that block excessive sunlight keeping you cool and safe from exposure to UV rays. Your furniture is sure to last longer with these window films.

Benefits of Residential Window Tint

residential window tint

Other than these few we have mentioned above, there are more benefits accompanying our residential window tints, including:

Privacy You can hardly feel relaxed in your home when everyone can see through your windows. Consider Window tints as a solution for more comfort and privacy within your own walls. We assure you that our tints will still give you plenty of sunshine.

Saving on energy – With window films in your home, you save a lot of money on energy. Your AC is less strained because the films help reduce heat in your home, and you end up paying less for energy. 

Adds on styleThis applies to houses as much as it does to cars. A home with window tints will appear more stylish and up-to-date than one without.

The Various Types of Residential Window Films we Have to Offer

Residential solar window films – Clear windows can be a nuisance with the sun penetrating through, especially when it is too hot. The constant glare from the sun not only deteriorates your furniture but also makes you feel too hot.

Drapes are a good option but not as effective as our residential solar window films. We have the best quality in the market, ensuring we enhance every progressive homeowner’s comfort. 


Etched and designer window tints – Some people go big on style, and if you need it, we’ve got it. Our etched and designer window films are the best and will still offer you privacy and solitude and save you money. These window films are the best if you live in a noisy neighborhood or crowded home.

These noise-reducing window tints come in a wide range, and we can tailor-make some for you. Our experts can offer you anything you want, from stylish opaque glass for your living room windows or an opulently smeared shower film for your bathroom:


Safety and security residential window films – As we mentioned earlier, most home robbers gain entry through the windows, causing monetary, physical, and emotional torture.


At 604 Window Tint, we offer you the most improved residential security window films that bandage the glass on your windows. This bandaging helps the glass stay intact even when hot with great force.

Buglers will be unable to shatter your windows; therefore, getting no entry point to your home, forcing them to flee.


604 transitional films – If the amount of sun rays coming to your home through your windows goes unmonitored, it can lead to severe property damage. Your furniture gradually fades, and wood bends, making them look old sooner than you expected.

604 Tint window tints help protect your home, family, and possessions from the sun’s damaging UV rays. They also he

p cool the house by 10 degrees, taking some edge off the AC.

This helps you save money, especially during the summer when the sun is unforgiving. 


Windows play a big role in your comfort at home by letting in light, fresh air and adding more to life through their view from any room in your home. As much as they may be a security risk, they can help improve your home’s security with the right enhancement. Give your windows a makeover with our residential window tints because you deserve to be happy with peace of mind. We are eagerly looking forward to your call, and we will guide you through the best options for you.