Questions To Consider Before Tinting Your Car’s Windows

Tue, 22 Dec 2020 07:37:23 GMT
The Benefits of Window Tint
While changing or enhancing the visual look of your car is likely one of the main priorities when considering tinting your car’s windows, there are several other significant benefits to consider as well, along with understanding the application process and after-installation care. 
In this article, we will consider the additional benefits of tinted windows, and we’ll look at some FAQ’s from previous customers. 

Accident Safety
While all the glass panels of a car are designed to break in a safe way, the repercussions of the “industry standard design” result in a multitude of glass shards which can be a danger for the car’s occupants after an accident. With window tinting film installed, the glass will break in an even safer manner, shattering as designed, but kept in a single sheet using the tinting film. 
Added Layer of Security
As window tint reflects light from entering your car, it also prevents thieves from looking into your car. This provides a reduced likelihood for break-ins and prevents them from spotting any valuables. 

Protection From UV Rays
Particularly important if you live in a warm region that receives a lot of sunlight, window tinting film can reflect harmful UV rays and protect the interior and occupants of the vehicle. 

Reducing Temperature
Window tinting film can reduce solar energy from entering the cabin by up to 70%, keeping the cabin cooler when parked in the sun, and reducing the strain on air conditioning systems when driving, increasing efficiency and fuel mileage. 

Questions to Consider:
  • How Dark Should My Tint Be?
While dependant on personal preference, many find that local laws often dictate how dark the window tint on your car can be. This varies by region. Otherwise, consider the significant reduction in the light coming into the cabin the darker of a window tint you choose, this can become problematic in low-light conditions depending on the shade of your window tint. 

  • Which Automotive Tint Is Right For Your Vehicle?
Different tinting films will be available at your local installation shop, with a large variety in price and feature set. Consult with your local shop to see what features you may want or need, and which films fit within your budget. 
  • How Long Will My Window Tint Last?
While the longevity of your window tint is entirely dependant on the application of the film, most will see a lifetime of 5-10 years before the window tint will need to be replaced. Within this time frame, the quality of your tinting film will dictate significantly how long your tint lasts. Bubbling and separation of the film from the glass panel are indicative of low-quality tint or a poor installation, however with proper installation and high-quality film you can expect the 5-10 year lifespan discussed earlier. 

A consultation with your professional installer will inform you as to the best products to use on your window tint film for aftercare. General rule-of-thumb dictates that avoiding ammonia-based products and the use of gentler cleaners will prevent discoloration and fading. Beyond this, using fine microfiber clothes during cleaning can also help.

  • How Long Does It Take To Install Window Tint? 
As the installation time frame is highly dependant on how many windows you are having treated, not all installations will take the same amount of time. On average, it will likely take 2-4 hours, however, wait times and appointment latency can significantly extend these numbers.

The curing and adhesion process is critical to the long-term performance of your window tint, and most shops will ask you to wait 24-48 hours before winding your windows down.


Is It Worthwhile?
In short, while there are several hurdles to clear for properly installed and performing window tint, the long list of advantages makes it worthwhile for millions of vehicle owners worldwide. From visual enhancements to better efficiency from your vehicle, the benefits overwhelmingly offset the cost and installation process.
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