Securing your commercial or domestic property can be a daunting and costly undertaking. You need to ensure that your doors are solid with locks that cannot be easily compromised, as well as ensure that you have an effective alarm system in place and high-tech surveillance cameras if you are serious about your property’s security.
Even after fulfilling all the prerequisites mentioned above, it is critical to understand that any glass doors or windows on your property are serious weak points. Even though tempered glass is exceptionally strong, it only takes a few hammer bashes, and criminals will find their way into your property.
It is possible to replace your current doors or windows with high-tech bulletproof security glass. However, such an upgrade will cost an arm and a leg. At 604 window tinting service, we have the ultimate answer- our premium-quality security window film that you can place on any glass on your property. Our product offers the best protection and value for your money.

Our film is exceptionally tough and functions by holding the shards of your broken glass together firmly. When your glass is hit, it will still shatter but remain in position since it will be held together by the security film. An intruder will want a speedy and straightforward way in, and anything that delays them makes it very possible that they will abort their mission and take flight. They may not want to risk getting caught red-handed.

In addition to securing your property, our security film effectively keeps your door and window glass from accidental damage. It protects your loved ones against injuries from flying glass pieces due to impact or extreme weather conditions.
Our security film o your business front window means that your shop is secure from vandalism. Our safety film is available in three variants:

  • clear safety and security series
  • ultra-clear security film
  • ultra-tinted security film.

security film

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