4 Signs of a Bad Window Tinting Job

Window tints are mainly installed for the purpose of shielding your car from the harmful Ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun. They can however also provide enhanced privacy and better visual aesthetics. If you are looking to install window tinting film on your vehicle, you should seriously consider hiring a professional, as it takes years of skill, expertise, and commercial grade equipment to properly install window tinting film. Not all of those who offer window tinting services are properly qualified however, so here are four signs of a bad window tinting job.

window tinting

1. Bubbles

One of the most visually obvious signs of an immature window tinting job is the presence of bubbles between the film and the glass. While you may expect some to appear in the first few days after the job, they should disappear within 7 days, leaving no noticeable mark. If the bubbles last longer than a month, this is an indication of shoddy installation, poor tinting film, or both.

2. Peeling

Window tints should be difficult to remove once they are applied. If they start to peel off at the edges after a couple weeks or even months, there may be a problem with the installation, or the tint film itself having failed at the binding layer. Note however, that rolling down your windows before they have been allowed to cure can cause this separation to happen, regardless of installation professionalism or tinting film quality. Window tint takes up to a week to cure, and windows should remain up during that time.

window tinting

3. Stuck Fibers

If you see any debris or tiny fibres between the glass and the window tinting film, this means your installer either neglected to clean the windows adequately before the film application. This can be prevented by the use of lint-free towels when cleaning and preparing glass for tinting film application.

4. Discolouration

If the colour or shade of the tint fades over time, or if it turns purple (the most common discolouration sign), this can be an indication that the quality of the film is sub-par. The discolouration occurs when low-grade material reacts with the UV rays from the sun. Expert installers will not recommend brands of such low quality, however they are available for consumers to purchase.

Regardless of your choice whether to do the window tinting yourself or get it installed professionally, the use of high grade window tint will not only make the application process easier, but will aid in the longevity of the tinting film itself– 604 window tint. Give us a call today @ 604-332-6046 and we will be happy to assist you for any concerns you may have.