Window tinting isn’t always about obstructing the view by darkened car windows, as most car owners worry about.

Of course, some window films can have dark shades, but they aren’t the only ones in the present-day market. So fair to say, these car owners are neither entirely wrong nor right.

Thanks to modern technology, solar window tints have become a thing, paving the way for crystal-clear window tinting.

The ideal car window tints make your rides comfier since they block extra heat, enabling you to get the most out of your car. And far from what you might think, you’re spoilt for choice with the numerous cars’ glass window tint options.

Solar tinted windows aren’t the usual and conventional film. However, some people may prefer them over car window tinting. Mesa and Phoenix AZ drivers find the former option more remarkable, but what exactly is it?

In this article, we’ll offer insight into solar tinting for cars and how it can improve your vehicle. But first, what is solar window tint?

What is Solar Window Tinting?

Solar window tints are an emerging type of film that can block nearly 99 percent of UV radiation. These tints use solar heat-reducing materials and offer excellent UV protection. They’re practically glass having built-in tinting materials into their panes, and are precisely what the name suggests. Some car manufacturers install these glass types on new car models and makes to some extent.

These windows cut down heat and intercept the harmful effects of overexposure but are usually crystal clear, making them marginally different from the rest. They don’t deter the drivers’ view; the sight quality is typically excellent and doesn’t change regardless of the driving condition.

If you want to reduce your air conditioning expenses for your car, but your local tinting laws demand a more transparent windshield, solar window tints are your ideal fit.

The Benefits of Solar Tint Window Tint Films

The idea of solar tinting windows tags along with numerous benefits is as essential as its translucent shade advantage. For instance, it offers an incredible heat and glare control feature.

You’ll hardly need to use your air conditioner since this window maintains a cooler ambiance in your car. Besides, it improves your driving experience by taking the edge off the glare by about 87 percent.

Better yet, since this solar film blocks 99 percent of UV radiation, it puts you out of harm’s way from getting skin cancer! The American Academy of Dermatology is for the idea of using tints like the solar tin to prevent exposure and risk.

You can also prolong your upholstery’s lifespan since solar tints cut down sunlight exposure, preventing imminent fading and cracking. In this regard, protecting your car’s interior prolongs its life!

Why Should You Opt for a Solar Film?

The solar tint glass usually blocks over 99 percent of sunlight’s harmful UV rays, with or without the solar tint. It can therefore cope with your daily driving conditions like a breeze, making it a more durable option.

Get Your Window Film Installed Today!

If you’re around Phoenix, AZ, there’s no best time to install solar tint window tint on your vehicle since it’s always a good time. However, you can still learn more about paint protection film installation if you need an extra protection layer on your car. Don’t hesitate to contact 604 solar tint service for more information or schedule an appointment today!