What Is FOBT: Fear Of Bad Tint, and How Do You Overcome It?

Fri, 22 Jan 2021 07:53:15 GMT
​Online shopping and peer-to-peer purchases have made us skeptical when it comes to quality. As consumers, we often look to large, established brands with lengthy track records to establish confidence in the quality of products we buy. Compounding this trajectory is the social trend of FOMO, or fear of missing out. Individuals often find themselves compelled to participate in all manner of trends and social events, and the concept or reality of missing out can give people genuine fear. 
​These habitual traits of our purchasing behavior have made their way into the window tinting industry, and now present themselves as FOBT, or fear of bad tint. It’s the prolonged concern that keeps drivers and customers from enjoying their life on the road in full, often overly concerned about the concept of a poor tint job on their car and subsequently disregarding the many benefits of an excellent tint job. Of course their concern is understandable, visibility can be ruined by strange bubbles and creases in your rear or side glass panels, and discoloration can cause the transparency of the film to subside. Furthermore, many are concerned about the stylistic impacts of a poor tint job, which can convey a fundamental lack of care for the vehicle – at least in some people’s eyes. 
There is hope however, particularly for those concerned about the potential negative repercussions of having window tint applied to their car. By choosing a top-quality and well reviewed auto tint film, and using a reputable, established, installation professional, you can ensure that your window tinting film is installed correctly and will last for a long time. By using a reputable installation professional, you can avoid the headache and stress of a failed or poor window tint job. Remember, you are entrusting the installation professional with not only your time, money, and future safety, but also your car. An individual not educated in proper installation techniques can damage your tinting film, or worse, your car’s interior and window mechanisms. 
​When it comes to ensuring that you are getting your window tinting film installed correctly, knowledge is power. Anyone with FOBT can gain confidence in the process once they understand the important components of a quality installation job, and what to look for. 
Clean Workspace – a clean, well kept, organized shop or workspace is not only a more pleasant space for you to wait for the installation to finish, but also indicates the pride and care that the owner(s) put into their work. Beyond this, a clear air environment is important to make sure that no dirt or dust particles get between the glass and the tinting film. Application should also be done indoors.
Precise Cutting – When picking a shop to get your tint installed, make sure that they are confident and capable of cutting the film themselves. They will either use a precision cutting machine, or more popularly, expertly cut it by hand. Either way shows skill and passion for the industry, the red flag to watch out for are installers who insist on pre-cut tinting kits. 
Quality Tint – Many installation shops may give you a selection of tinting films to choose from, with a “good, better, best” approach that offers different features and tiered price points. Make sure to get good quality tint from an established name brand, and consider tint with UV protectionary properties, as this will add to the list of advantages gained from having window tint applied to your car. 
Warranty Coverage – While not a necessity, shops that offer tinting films with warranty coverage can be trusted more to stand behind their products over time, and is definitely a plus.
In conclusion, with the knowledge from this article, you can be confident in your assessment abilities in choosing the right tinting product and service provider to help you achieve a final product which will last a long time. If properly installed, window tint can last 4-7 years, and can drastically increase the look and value of your car if you ever sell it. 

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